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How to travel Spain

Are you planning a trip around Spain but are not quite sure how to move around the country? Don’t worry, we will give you all the information and tips you will need to enjoy a great trip trouble free.

Travel by bus:

Spain is perfectly connected by bus. From all of the main cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla o Bilbao to all the small towns in between so you can reach any corner of the country travelling by bus.

One of the longest rides to do by bus is in Spain is from Cadiz to Bilbao, it is done through Madrid and it will take about 14 hours. But don´t worry, there are luxury buses perfectly prepared and with all of the amenities to enjoy this trip. It is not the fastest transportation but is highly recommended to move around the country.

Inside the cities, it is also a good option to move by bus. The main cities in Spain have a network of interurban buses very frequent, punctual and that connect most of the corners in the city.

Also, there is always the option of the bonobus for taking several rides at a lower cost. Some of them, even are multifunctional which means it can be used for the train, bus and metro. This is a very useful option to use if you are planning to stay several days in one city.

Travel by Train:

The national train network called RENFE connects all the capitals of Spain with Madrid and it is adding more and more high speed trains every time. Thanks to these speed trains called AVE it is possible to get from Valencia to Madrid in as fast as 1 hour and 45 minutes. Or from Madrid to Barcelona in 2 hours and a half. The only down part is that the tickets for the trains tend to be a little expensive, unless you buy them with a lot of time in advance. But, do not worry. Almost all of Spain is connected with and old train network that even though, they are a lot slower than AVE, are still reliable and can take you to any point of the country. These trains are comfortable, efficient and very frequent so they are still a very good option if while touristing in Spain you want to get to know two or more cities.

Travel by plane:

To travel Spain by plane is not a bad option, just notice that the tickets are a little more expensive that other ways of transportations, especially since you are only taking a national flight. If you plan your trip with a lot of time and buy a ticket with time to spare, you can find a ticket from Madrid to Barcelona as cheap as 30€. If you buy it last minute, it could be twice or even three times the price. The rates are always changing and depend a lot in the season of the year and the anticipation that you bought it with.

Our recommendation is that, before deciding to move around Spain by train or bus, check the plane prices, you could even find cheaper tickets. Distances in Spain are not so long, and the plane is obviously the fastest and comfortable way of moving, as long as you find affordable tickets.

Travel by Taxi.

Moving around the cities in Spain by taxi is very comfortable and not too expensive. In all of the cities of the country you will find taxis and taxi stops everywhere. You can grab a taxi by stopping it in the street, go to a taxi stop and get inside the first taxi of the line or calling one over the phone and they will pick you up wherever you need to. Taxis in Spain work with taximeter, the minimum charge will always be somewhere between 4 to 5€.

Travel by car:

The roads in Spain are overall very easy and well taken care off. It has a lot of highways, some of them paying toll. In general terms, you can move by car without paying tolls since there are a lot of free roads, although the distances are longer. To rent a car in Spain, you have to be at least 21 years old and you can rent it with your countries driver license and your passport.

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