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The Alpujarras of Granada, a true dream

The Alpujarras is one of the most visited regions of Granada. For many years it has been featured in many legends and Spanish stories just because of it´s amazing charm and hidden location.

It is located in a mountain with a narrow and curvy road. It´s spectacular views, the beauty of it numerous towns and the peace that you can find here make the trip totally worthy. Trust us, once you get to this beautiful towns, you would never want to leave.

The alpujarras go from the Sierra Nevada to the sea, to the east you can find Almeria province, to the west is next to La sierra de Lújar and to the south it almost reaches the ocean, including the Sierra de la Contraviesa.

It has remained almost untouched since the catholic dominated the Arabic’s and still has the original architecture unique in Spain. It was just in the end of XIX century that the artists, bohemians and travelers arrived to the area. The Alpujarras of Granada have fascinated foreigners, especially British. Many of them have made this towns their homes.

They have become very popular in the last year and during the weekends you can find a lot of people, especially in the most touristic places. Some of the most beautiful towns you can find are:


Around 50 km from Granada city and the first town you come to in the Western Alpujarras, Lanjarón is considered the gateway to the region. It is famous for its mineral water which is sold throughout Spain, while its spa waters have been celebrated for centuries for their curative properties and are considered to be some of the best in the country. Also, the balneario is a great place to relax while you soak in one of the purest waters of the world.


A curvy road will take you to Orgiva, Capital of the lower alpujarra just next to the river guadalfeo. This beautiful river reaches its peak during spring and where it can be seen going down full and fast due the melting of the snow of sierra nevada.

Órgiva is a town that is easy to see from the distance thanks to the twin towers of its church, the main one in town called Nuestra señora de la expectación-. From here you can find the roads that lead to the highest towns in the alpujarra. To the hidden, magic towns next to imposing huge cliffs that formed here due to the centuries of ice melting in the sierra. The further you go up roads get more curvy and defiant.


In the Alpujarras the roads are very narrow and curvy going through the imposing mountains. In the small towns of Pitres and Pórtugos, before arriving to Trévelz, you can find the most antique examples of architecture of the XIX century. After this small towns we will continue our journey straight to the bottom part of the Mulhacen where we will find Trévelez. At almost 1500 meters above the sea level. Here, rivers flow fast and furious do to the melting of the snow. Trévelez is the highest town in Spain and it has three parts: high, medium and low. Being the first one the most famous thanks to the great amount of Jamon serrano (Prosciutto ham) that fabrics you can find.


At the end of the road that leads to the high alpujarras you can find El barranco del Poqueria known for being like a small miniature town and just next to it is Pampaneira, one of the nicest towns in all the mountain. Just at the entrance you can read a sign that says “Viajero, quédate a vivir con nosotros” Or in English “Traveler, stay and live with us”

All the towns in the Alpujarras share a typical urbanistic and architectonic structure. The streets are narrow, and steep filled with asymmetric squares. Just above Pampaneira you can find Bubión y Capileira from where you can take the roads that will take you to the Veleta Y Mulhacén, the tallest mountains in all Spain and very well known for their amazing hike trails.

The Alpujarras is definitely a visit that you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Granada, we promise you, you won´t regret it.

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